About Emily Metzgar

Emily Metzgar is an associate professor in the Media School at Indiana University and affiliated faculty in IU’s Department of International Studies. A former diplomat, policy analyst, opinion writer, and youth advocate, she focuses her writing and research on foreign affairs, media in American politics, and the importance of service-learning in the college classroom.

Commentary in The Conversation

In a piece titled "Will US-Japan Friendship Survive Uncertainty in Asia?" posted at The Conversation, I discuss the contributions the JET Program has made to the US-Japan bilateral relationship.

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Recent Media Coverage of UFOs

By Jrmichae - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link Here's a fun commentary I published at News-Decoder about mainstream media coverage of the Pentagon's recently-revealed UFO-tracking program. Bottom line: There's a different tone in the reporting since mid-December. My analysis considers the new approach from the perspective of media studies and the role

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Assessing the Value of Goodwill

The thirtieth anniversary of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program in 2017 is a good time to take stock of the contributions this large scale, government-sponsored international exchange effort. Supported through a unique partnership among three Japanese government ministries, and administered by a fourth pseudo-governmental entity, JET is known primarily as a program that

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